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Thank you for visiting our website! RS Moreland Construction, Inc., located in Middleburgh, NY, has been in the building business since 1970. While there have been different trends over the years, one thing has not changed: You, the potential building customer, have individual needs. You want a building for your own specific purpose, and you have concerns about how that building will look and how it will fulfill your expectations.

Featuring Lester Buildings

At RS Moreland Construction, Inc., we offer a professional contracting team to turn your ideas into reality. We will work with you through the planning and building process and beyond. Our team of engineers will then turn your ideas into a functional building that reflects your ideas and good taste, is well-designed, and will structurally comply with your local code requirements.

The goal of R.S Moreland Construction, Inc. is to meet your individual building needs. Just as building design standards vary from one geographic area of the country to another, so do your unique needs. We will work with you to blend your specifications and ideas into a building that is functional and enhances your own personal style. Your building will be engineered to meet or exceed design load standards for your county and/or other applicable loads as specified by your local building codes, thus providing you with a structure that will serve you for years to come.

Lester - A tradition of Structural Integrity



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